Common questions about Shape of Emotion and Emotional Fitness Classes

How often should I attend an Emotional Fitness Class?

As often as you can and have capacity for. Although the process seems simple the actual work being done is profound. You do need to give yourself time for integration and you may feel tired after a class too. 

Remember, regular work is the key. Becoming emotionally fit is the same as becoming physically fit. You don’t run around the block once and get fit, or go to the gym once and suddenly you are Arnold. Regular attendance is the best. We give online live classes that can be attended and you can redo this class as often as you wish. Like anything you want to change and improve, it does require commitment and discipline. 

What happens if I can’t feel my feeling?

If you can’t feel your emotion, Shape of Emotion will not work for you. As this may be a new process for you, we encourage you to try a few times as the process gets easier the more you do it. We have had a handful of clients that could not feel their emotions. This was as a result of trauma. There was some work that they had to do before they could start using Shape of Emotion. If, after trying a few times, you still cannot feel your emotion we invite you to contact us for more suggestions and support.

What happens if I can’t find the emotion in or around my body?

Again, Shape of Emotion will not work if you cannot locate where you are feeling your emotion. It is not uncommon for people to be unaware that their emotions show up in their bodies. Some are very disconnected from their bodies for a variety of reasons. We encourage you to try a few times as the process gets easier the more you do it. 

If, after trying a few times, you still cannot find your emotion we invite you to contact us for more suggestions and support.

What if I feel uncomfortable about, don’t like to, or don’t want to close my eyes?

If you find it uncomfortable to close your eyes this is okay. We ask that in this instance you just lower your gaze. We are visual beings and if we keep our eyes open then it is much easier to get distracted. But there is no “Have to” if you feel more comfortable and can do the process with your eyes open then it’s all good.

What happens if I can’t see a shape?

Some people do struggle to see a shape when they first start doing Shape of Emotion. Often it’s because they are anxious about getting it right, or that it is something new they are doing. Sometimes it is not an actual shape but more like mist or a shadow.

Shape of Emotion is a skill and like any new skill can take time to get comfortable with. So we advocate practice and trying again. And it doesn’t matter, we know that even if you cannot see a shape the first few times you will still get relief.

Does it matter which hand I use? And can I swap hands? 

You can use any hand, you can swap hands during a wing or between wings, it does not matter.

When I am doing the touch points, how hard do I press?

You touch with enough pressure to feel it but not too much that you make a mark on your skin. Some people have said that they like more pressure and this is fine as long as you are not doing yourself any harm.

How do I know if I have touched the right point?

Because you use the tips of the fingers of one hand it is highly unlikely that you will miss the point. We do take you through the touch points before we start the class so you get to see where they are. When you are more experienced you will be able to feel whether you have touched the right points. They have a different sensation under your touch than where there are no pressure points.

What if Shape of Emotion doesn’t work for me? 

Shape of Emotion may not work for everyone. Shape of Emotion may work but still not be the kind of thing you want to do. It’s all good. There are many tools and techniques that can help you and if you want some suggestions we are happy to engage and give you some that you can look at. 

What if I feel worse after a dial down?

You really should not feel worse after a dial down. If you do, we would want to engage with you to see what happened and support you to feel better again. 

Will the emotion come back?

We get this question quite often. And yes the emotion may come back. Our emotions are part of being human. If we clear anger, it is not to say we will never feel angry again, or anxious or depressed.

Attending Emotional Fitness Classes regularly will build your emotional fitness so that the emotions don’t get stuck and you can deal with them far easier, allowing them to come and go and not be as affected by them.

Why do sometimes I feel the need to yawn / sigh / cough / sniff / cry while doing Shape of Emotion?

This can happen when we release emotions. It is part of the release process so don’t stifle it. Let it come and know that you are releasing your emotions.

Why am I sometimes so tired after doing Shape of Emotion?

Shape of Emotion works at a very deep level. We talk about getting emotionally fit, well how do you feel after a physical workouts? You may not be as sweaty, but you can be as tired after an emotional fitness workout too.

We always recommend taking it easy, avoiding loud places, people and music and drinking plenty of water as the process can make you thirsty too. 

How often should I do Shape of Emotion?

We recommend a daily practice for best effect. But this may not be possible so as often as you can, remembering that consistency is the key to change, growth and healing work.

Should I do this instead of talk therapy?

You can do this instead of talk therapy but talk therapy has a valuable place in healing emotional wounds of the past. If you are doing talk therapy, stick with it and attend Emotional Fitness Classes in support of the work you are doing with your therapist. 

Can I use Shape of Emotion on others in my practice?

If you have been trained as a Shape of Emotion practitioner through our curriculum, then yes please use it as a tool in your practice. Shape of Emotion is a deep practice and part of a holistic approach to life.

At 5th Place we stand firm in the principle that "It Starts with me" so first you are required to learn Shape of Emotion and adopt it as a practice for yourself. Our principles, qualities and pillars are taught  with the expectation that they are lived by our practitioners.

Can I be trained in how to use Shape of Emotion?

Yes, we offer certification training for Shape of Emotion. The program is focused and in depth, spanning 3 levels of mastery. The first level is learning how to use Shape of Emotion for self. The second level is about using it in groups and working with others one-on-one. There is a third level which encompasses being able to teach and train Shape of Emotion.

In addition to the theory, there are multiple layers and exercises that will require practice and grading to illustrate proficiency and competency. 

Please contact us for more information, training dates and costs.


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